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GY6 App: Initiating Freedom with Your Fingertips

If there were a way to bring back the Founding Fathers of America, even just for a day, there's NO DOUBT that their amazement would be unending. The advancements in technology, and even politics, compared to their original timeframe in American History... granted they would not be surprised by the growth and change... it's safe to say that they'd have just as many questions as we would. (DUH, right?)

There's also the idea of merging timelines; where all of the technological advancements of present day are given a place in the realities of our Constitutional Heroes from American History. For example: George Washington carrying an AR-15 instead of a "hanger" (sword) while marching into battle; or James Madison drafting the Constitution on an iPad.

Honestly, considering gas prices these days, if our timelines were merged, horse and buggy travel doesn't sound so bad right now.

With that said, can't help but giggle at the idea of "The Five Riders" having smartphones. Even better... what if they had social media outlets like Instagram or Twitter???

If the fantasy of our realities of The Founding Fathers were to "actually" merge with that of what we are experiencing today, I personally believe their strategy would not include outlets like Twitter. The simplicity and precision behind their efforts to build, protect and grow a nation on the simple notion of Freedom... they'd definitely use more genius tactics in creating their own outlet for likeminded patriots. I, personally think they would come up with something like the Got Your 6 App.

Who is Got Your 6 App?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GTTER, Gab, etc... There are so many ways and opportunities for folks to connect and communicate with others these days, but with the constant criticism directed at us in the 2nd Amendment Community, it's kind of hard to find a home base. We lack our own digital "safe space," so to speak, and with legislative acts like Red Flag Laws, looming over us, it's hard to establish a sense of trust in anyone these days. Who could blame us? Well, one "gun nutty" group of pals decided that there had to be a way to maintain comradery within the 2A World and build upon it in case "SHTF." So, they brainstormed and came up with an app idea that took characteristics from other social apps... like Amber Alert, Google Maps, 2A Coalitions, Yelp and even Twitter and Facebook... and created the Got Your 6 App.

Per their mission statement:

Got Your 6 is a Veteran owned and operated company with one mission in mind: to ensure the freedoms of our 2nd Amendment be as prevalent for future generations as they are for us today. Our goal is to defeat the gun grabbing politicians and organizations at the legislative level, legal level and community level. We are highly geared toward making contributions to those 2nd Amendment organizations who are actually making a difference. These organizations work tirelessly and thanklessly and its time we show them the support they need. We have the ability to direct funding where it is needed and when it is needed, and we work very closely with organizations throughout the United States to stay up to speed on who needs assistance and when.

We have developed an app like nothing else on the market to be able to effectively fight these battles and put the power back into the hands of the people. We no longer have to sit on the sidelines wondering what we can do to help. You can help right here, right now, on all fronts. If we ALL do not start getting involved very quickly our right to keep and bear arms will be nothing but a story, we tell our next generations. Join now and see for yourself the measurable impact that Got Your 6 is having on our 2nd Amendment rights.

The Got Your 6 App is a "one stop" app for the modern day 2A Defender. You can create community groups and events, to help in things like neighborhood watches; or chat about new organization techniques amongst your prepper pals. They also have a link to media outlets (like yours truly... Mom-At-Arms) as well as a way to seek legal counsel if needed. Then there's the option to check out local and nationwide gun rights/ gun control legislation, BUT!! What sets Got Your 6 App apart from other social networking platforms, is the "Oh Shit" option.

The "Oh Shit" option, or as the Got Your 6 Team more appropriately name it, the "Initiate Freedom" option, is this red button that serves a purpose much like Amber Alert does. Say for instance, you're in a situation that's got you saying, "Oh Shit!" You're alone, or with your family, barricaded in your home with the authorities outside your front door. They could even be in your home, trying to interrogate you without counsel. It may seem a bit farfetched, but its happened in many cases, like those involving Red Flag Laws. You don't have a clue as to what's going on, or who's accused you of what... other than the fact that they're looking for your firearms, and all you can think about is trying to contact someone who could help advocate for you. Well... ya can't call the cops, cause they're not really on your side at the moment. Sure, you've reached out to your attorney, but, as we have seen over the course of the last few years that "big crowds" have a huge impact... you are part of a 2nd Amendment platform where all of your other 2A buds in the area know your true character. Your attorney is on the app, as well as many others. A simple push of the "Initiate Freedom" button on the Got Your 6 App, and an alert will ring out to the community you're a part of on the platform. Through GPS/ location services, a pinging system will tell all of your 2A Pals how to get to your crib, and from there, they can help create a line of witnesses in your front lawn.

That's just an example "worst case" scenario that the Got Your 6 App has covered. Since we here at Mom-At-Arms also work to give those in the Domestic Violence/ Abuse arena a voice as well, we also see the importance of the Got Your 6 App in these situations, too. We can't help but think of the young woman, fresh out of an abusive relationship, trying to get back on her feet. If she ever found herself cornered by her revengeful ex, who's banging at her front door or stalking her from her workplace parking lot... and she's still waiting for her 4473/ Universal Background Check (UBC) to pass... she could have an entire neighborhood of gun toting champions ready to escort her to safety, just with a quick tap of the "Initiate Freedom" button.

The possibilities are endless.

Check out their video that breaks down the app, here…

Got Your 6 App, though still fresh on the app scene, lives up to its name, already. Opening doors for people to connect and protect one another. We may not "need" it now, but... you know what they say about needing and not having.

Go to and download the app. Don't be caught in an "Oh shit" moment with your britches down.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Feb 19, 2022

Unfortunately, stings like this ( have totally poisoned the well for "l33t new privacy apps" from people I don't already know and trust.

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