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Happy new year! New York wants you disarmed AND de-armored

How great. Can’t even legally have body armor If this passes. Guess we can’t have the plebs making it more difficult to be shot to death by the state Gestapo on gun seizure raids and such.....

Here‘s John Jacobson, the bill’s main sponsor. Anyone surprised he’s backed by Moms Demand Action (they support state sanctioned “gun violence“ against their political opponents apparently):

New York State is working to end the current epidemic of gun violence. That’s why I am proud to have co-sponsored a package of commonsense gun safety legislation that became law in 2019. The Red Flag “Extreme Risk Protection Orders ” Law enables family members, law enforcement, or school officials who believe someone is likely to harm themselves or others to seek a court order requiring that person to relinquish their firearms and preventing them from buying new ones.

See that? He just wants to make it harder for people to defend themselves from the state when they come to take your guns. But the most idiotic thing about this bill is that people are buying body armor in NY right now not because they’re worried about some massive commie takeover (already happened there anyways I guess lol), but are buying armor to protect themselves. From August 2020:

With bullets flying over Broadway, New Yorkers are buying up bulletproof vests.
Midtown dealer Brad Pedell — who runs 221B Tactical — claims sales of body armor are up 80 percent this year compared with 2019 due to the “unrest” in the city and nationwide.
“You wouldn’t believe the people who call up and say, ‘I’m scared,'” Pedell told The Post. He said most buyers are from the Bronx and Brooklyn, where shootings have skyrocketed.
Pedell’s customers tend to keep their purchases — and motivations for buying — to themselves.
A Manhattan woman who bought a vest declined to discuss her decision, texting, “I am a private citizen and I keep a low profile.”
A Queens man, who bought one for a family member who works in a crime-ridden Bronx neighborhood, declined to discuss the matter when questioned by a reporter.
Pedell said customers tell him they need the protection because their “neighborhood is getting dangerous.”

Way to go, Assemblyman Jacobson and the other Democrats signing on to this bill. You’re going to turn those people into criminals just for taking extra personal safety precautions.


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