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How to prove Moms Demand Action’s politicians are cowards and their ideas are crap in a few pictures

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

1. Meet Jason Crow:

2. He went after Rep. Boebert for wanting to carry a gun in the Capitol:

3. Was a wild day in D.C. today and the Capitol was breached by a bunch of very pissed off people. He was afraid and hopeless, relying on others to save his sorry ass:

4. A few moments later:

Helpless and afraid.....

Rep. Boebert wins. Now they also got a taste of what it’s like to be disarmed and in fear for their lives. And Jason, where’s your mask? Rep. Wild, put your mask on! Let’s not even get into the fact that only only causality today was at the hands of the government (who shot and killed an unarmed pro-Trump protestor from behind a barricade). I eagerly await a response from Moms Demand Action, as they do make statements when this happens. Won’t hold my breath though, it wasn’t one of their allies or a minority that they could use to push their agenda (even though they don’t seem to like minorities at Everytown HQ).

To the gun control supporting politicians in congress, please consider the following: the overwhelming amount of gun owners are peaceful folks who just want to be left alone. Today was mostly over Trump, which is a pretty partisan standing. Guns are owned and cherished by people all over the political spectrum, including America’s most popular rifle: the AR-15 (as well as other semi-autos and the magazines they use). Don‘t be stupid and advance gun control, it’ll only unite would-be opponents more and today would seem like nothing if you get people from all walks of life united to show their displeasure (and trust me, many more people will be angry). Oh, and today they got ahold of Nancy Pelosi’s computer in her office. Wonder if anyone had a USB thumb drive and backed anything up, such as 2021 gun control plans?


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