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How to successfully irritate the gun grabbers and prove that they’re propagandists

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So, late last week we sent this article out:

It picked up views and was covered by Guns & Gadgets (their video currently has 80k views and 2.4k comments):

It was then covered Sunday by Ammoland (you rock, David):

Needless to say, the tweet and story went viral among the 2A community. Viral enough that Watts made a half assed attempt to make fun of it:

What‘s interesting though is she just used the screenshot of the headline and didn’t link the article. I wonder why....

U.S.A. – -( “This is the last gasp of white gun extremists losing power and you’ll all soon to be replaced by women and people of color who will ensure you’re spotlighted in history books as the buffoons you are. And also will undo all of the dangerous things you’ve done,” Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts tweeted Friday. She was reacting to former Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland’s reminder that “constitutional carry” is advancing in rebuttal to her contention that Second Amendment advocates are “losing power.”
“This is exactly why these people are dangerous,” the website Mom-at-Arms observed. They use things like gun control to advance other agendas.” As an aside, if you’re not familiar with this website, set some time aside to rectify that. They’re innovative and observant, often exposing gun-grabber screw-ups and/or offering insights that no one else has thought of.
In this case, they focus on the “systemic racism” that defines the way Mom Demand Action’s benefactor, Everytown for Gun Safety (the name itself advances two bald-faced lies), operates.
In an earlier investigation, Mom-at-Arms showed how, despite offering lip service to “racial justice,” Everytown does not appear to practice what it preaches when it comes to its own minority employees. That’s hardly surprising when billionaire citizen disarmament backer Michael Bloomberg is on record calling for (and then trying to hide) special infringements against the right of minorities to keep and bear arms.

You see, Watts used the headline only and didn’t bother to share with her followers the material inside of the article. Why? Because she wants to tug at the emotions of her followers and make them think we’re (2A advocates) afraid of her and “replacement”. That’s not the case. We were simply pointing out that she has ulterior motives for gun control. She also didn’t share the article because of the other things mentioned in it, such as the internal racism inside of Everytown. In short, she did what she does best: twists things to suit her needs for propaganda while leaving out key information.

Thanks for taking the bait, Shannon, and thanks for helping us make a point and write a new article. We enjoy getting under your skin and not using lies and propaganda to do so :)


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