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Hungary working on accepting US political refugees? They know a thing or two about what’s coming

They also have banned people like Soros from doing business there. They endured some dark times in the 20th century under both fascism and communism and absolutely hate it. The fact that below even exists should be a wake up call to all

of us (talking especially to you, neo-liberal activists and supporters). They know where we’re headed:


Following the American events, we can prepare for the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of political refugees will soon apply for admission in Hungary as well.

Knowing the socialist, communist method (Hungarians are already familiar with it) and the technique of governance, it is expected that in America, after the possible inauguration of Biden on January 20, several political showdowns will begin there.

We need to be prepared to try to deal with many, mostly conservative, Christian public figures (activists, right-wing voters, politicians, senators) in a political, possibly real, sense.

The Hungarian consulates must be prepared for a possible wave of mass refugees, who will certainly be real political persecutors, real political refugees, and we must accept them.

It would be good if the consulates concerned prepare for this dumping in time!

Only bad thing is that their gun laws suck.


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