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IL Dem Rep arrested for carrying concealed firearm while having an invalid license to do so

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

(Update at bottom. Now he’s suggesting people who disagree with him/are calling him out should have their guns taken)

Meet Curtis J. Tarver II

Curtis is a state representative in district 25 (Chicago). He‘a also a YES vote on SB 1966 (“Fix the FOID” or “BIO Bill”), which more details on that were covered here:

For a quick view, just look at this (in a nutshell, more ridiculous rules and hoops to jump through just to legally own a firearm in Illinois):

His vote on SB1966 in the house BTW:

Well, in true “Chicago” fashion, seems that those that make the laws don’t follow the laws (current or proposed):

State Rep. Curtis Tarver II (D-Chicago) was arrested Monday night in the Woodlawn section of Chicago and charged with carrying a weapon with an invalid concealed carry license (CCL), according to Chicago police.
Replying to an inquiry from Chicago City Wire, the CPD Office of Communications said that at approximately 8:32 p.m. on November 18 officers on patrol in the 6500 block of South Stony Island Avenue stopped a vehicle with a broken headlight. They asked the driver, whom they identified as Curtis Tarver, 38, if there were weapons in the vehicle.
“The driver handed officers a weapon that was in the vehicle, as well as a concealed carry license,” a CPD communications officer wrote in an email. “Further investigation revealed the license was revoked. The subject was taken into custody and charged accordingly.”

The Chicago Sun Times also reports that he “failed to surrender his revoked CCL”:

During the stop, officers learned that Tarver, 38, had a handgun on him while his concealed-carry license was revoked, police said.