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IL SB1966 (Fix the FOID/BIO Bill) and some more info on who’s behind it

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

As many people know, there’s a bill that’s due for a vote in the IL senate that would drastically change the current FOID system (more fees, mandatory fingerprints, etc). It’ll create more red tape and hurdles for legal gun owners to jump through to REMAIN legal gun owners. Came across this flyer on Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition’s website:

The usual suspects with the gun control groups, but let’s look at one that hasn’t been mentioned much yet:

Who are they?

John Podesta, who’s that?

Nah, that’s not where I know his name from. Oh yeah! He was HRC’s 2016 campaign manager!

Ok, so what does his Washington D.C. action fund do?

”Nonpartisan”, now that’s funny. So, who’s their guy in IL that’s helping the D.C. based organization with their little pet project?

Hey, wait a second! I know him! His partner is the president of States United, which is the national organization that‘a the hub of local gun control groups such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (also on the flyer). Story on that here:

Mark also seems to be their (CAP) rep on the bill (here he is filing a “proponent“ witness slip on the bill and claiming it’s on behalf of them):

And ICHV follows the direction of CAP:

As always, following the money is important. So, who’s a major funder to Podesta’s CAP action fund?

“Open Society Policy Center”, who’s that???

The main organization (not the action fund) gets even more from Soros (and also from foreign donors):

And then they (CAP) transfer $$$ to the action fund:

It’s really starting to look like Willis and friends didn’t have a thing to do with this bill other than to file it with the clerk. Aren’t these all the same people that are against outside groups (such as the NRA) interfering in local politics?

Lastly, you need to look at who advocates for bills, which leads us to Accurate Biometrics (a fingerprinting vendor). Of course they want SB1966 to pass, they’d make millions of $$$!!! Funny though, as their lobbyists are connected to anti-gun Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart (another political hack). Full story on that here:

In addition, the lobbying agency representing Accurate Biometrics for this bill (Chicago/Springfield Consultants LLC) has a connection to the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (See flyer at the top and also Mark Jones): their vice President is a DIRECTOR for them!

And here’s the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence most recent IRS 990 (2017)

To the supporters of SB1966 I ask you this: Why are you supporting dark money groups and lobbyists over the lawful gun owners of Illinois?


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