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Illegal immigrant and serial violent offender commits crime, gun grabbers want more laws

Oh this is just swell. Dumbass Watts (Moms Demand Action founder and Mike Bloomberg surrogate) tries to bring attention to a church shooting the other day, obviously to get her flock‘s panties in a bunch and to demand gun control (it’s NY, what else could they do besides an outright ban?):

Somehow, gun laws are the answer to this, right? Now let’s look at what’s out now regarding this incident:

A Christmas choir concert Sunday afternoon at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on the Upper West Side of Manhattan ended with a lunatic brandishing pistols and screaming “shoot me” at police. Attempts by police to “de-escalate” were futile, and the gunman was shot dead. It turn out that the gunman, 52-year-old Luis Vasquez, was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic whose visa had expired:
The gunman shot dead by cops after opening fire on the steps of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Sunday had a long rap sheet that included an attempted murder bust, according to records and sources. And it wasn’t the first time he shot at cops, sources said. Luis Vasquez, 52, was arrested on the Upper West Side for attempted murder in 1990, and on an assault charge there a year earlier, sources said Monday. In the first case, Vasquez was accused of firing a gun at police and an unidentified woman on Aug. 21, 1990, according to sources. State prison records show he was sentenced to three-to-nine years after pleading guilty to a lesser felony weapons possession charge. He was released but rearrested on a drug charge in 2007 and turned over to immigration authorities in November of that year. Vasquez is a native of the Dominican Republic. His travel visa from the country expired on Sunday, sources said.

Yeah, guns are totally the problem, Shannon lol....


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