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Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence uses Batavia HS to push agenda

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

We all know they do this frequently (use schools to push propaganda on children):

According to previous Batavia district positions though:

As they “support student voices” and giving them the tools to “advocate in a meaningful way” and “encourage students to have a voice in this national discussion” (regarding gun control), perhaps it’s time some students on the other end of the debate invite some pro-2nd amendment groups to present at the school? The district superintendents stated that “we are a position of neutral”. So, what do the students who advocate for armed school staff have to say? Will pro-2A groups accept an invitation to speak about the importance of gun rights and REAL gun safety? One thing pro-2A groups should NOT do is bribe kids with gift cards in order to be activists (like ICHV has done):

On a side note, why is a gun control group talking about red flag laws, SB1966 (known as Fix the FOID), and HR8 (universal background checks)? These children aren’t even old enough to purchase firearms yet!

To finish, let’s look at ICHV latest 990:

Interesting, isn’t it? 1/3 of income went to pad the pocket of the former ED! Lastl, look at this:

Why is a lobbying group allowed to use public schools in order to recruit young troops to help them? They’re at the school to push their position on current bills (SB1966, for example) and advocate for their political positions to students. It’s time gun rights groups did the same. It’s only fair.......


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