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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to Law Enforcement: “Obey me, or else!”

Updated: May 20, 2020

From the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association:

That’s right, J.B. You are NOT a damn dictator and have NO AUTHORITY to boss around law enforcement in order to enforce your will. In fact, since these “orders” your administration created that you wish to have enforced are not “law”, you are putting both YOUR and the officers that enforce them at personal financial risk. Retired Illinois State Circuit Judge Don Lowery explains in an interview conducted on 5/14/20 here:

Here’s an example of one Illinois County Sheriff telling Pritzker to F-off and that his office will NOT be used as Gestapo agents to enforce J.B’s BS:

Also chiming in is the McHenry County Sheriff:

We are still a constitutional republic (USA) and we do NOT have to bow down to authoritarian leaders that wish to impose their will on all of us just because they are in power and think it’s “best for us”. We the people are the boss, not the toilet man in the Governor’s office (who also was interested in ”buying“ his way into a political office on 2008, but was caught by the FBI).

It should come as no surprise that Pritzker is allied with Moms Demand Action, Bloomberg’s red shirt wearing goons that beg for a police state and to dissolve civil rights in order for the government to “make them feel safe” (it has already been ruled by the courts that it is NOT Law Enforcement’s duty to protect people or “make them feel safe”. That is not their obligation nor duty to do so):