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Indiana Moms Demand Action members get arrested/detained at IN Statehouse

First, the background of why they’re butthurt (Indiana, their home state due to Shannon Watts founding Moms Demand Action in Zionsville, IN) is now a constitutional carry state. They lost their “Mecca“:

Second, what happened (they’re psychos). Sounds almost like an InSurReCtioN:

Gun safety activists Heather Hilbert and Becca McCracken said they waited outside Holcomb's office at the Indiana Statehouse all day hoping to land a meeting with the governor. They opposed the bill.
Hilbert said they and one other person were detained in handcuffs by Capitol Police around 5:30 p.m. after being told they were going to be charged with criminally trespassing.
The Statehouse building's public access hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.but it's not uncommon for members of the public to be inside the Statehouse after 5 p.m.

A half hour to 45 minutes later, Hilbert said they were released and told they wouldn't be charged as long as they picked up their signs and left. Erin Murphy, a spokeswoman for Holcomb said his office did not tell Capitol Police to detain the activists.
Capt. Ron Galaviz, chief public information officer for Indiana State Police, confirmed the three were detained after refusing to leave the Statehouse at 5 p.m. and were released when they did agree to leave. He added that if there are no public events inside the Statehouse, police routinely make rounds to ensure only state employees are left in the building after public access hours.

Seems they were engaging in possible harassment per their tweets:

One of them is actually a “professional” activist with her local Democratic Party (shocking):

Seriously ladies, chill. Thanks for making a story to mock you with, though. Sometimes “demanding“ too much will wind you up in handcuffs.

And so much for the Indiana moms “backing the blue“ (spoiler: they don’t and never di


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