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With Indiana going Constitutional carry, Moms Demand Action officially lost it’s “home” state

Yesterday, Governor Holcomb signed permit-less carry into law in Indiana. Not only is this big, as Indiana is the 24th state to enact permit-less carry, but it also delivers a direct hit to Moms Demand Action’s founder, Shannon Watts. In case you didn’t know, Moms Demand Action was founded in December of 2012 in Zionsville, IN.

While sitting at her kitchen island, folding laundry, Shannon Watts was watching the news updates on the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. Her anxiety over the tragic event had her start a Facebook group called “One Million Moms for Gun Control.” The group grew rapidly, as parents and individuals throughout the nation voiced their concerns over the matter. What was meant to be a unified public forum to combat “Gun Violence” in the nation… world… turned into an echo chamber of bias, as Watts began blocking folks with opposing views. The group later caught the eye of Billionaire Politician, and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Michael Bloomberg, but you can read more on that history by going here:

Anyways, she (Watts) is unhinged about this. So much so that she’s “spreading misinformation“ (hate that term) about with this new law actually does. For example, the law has NOTHING to do with purchasing firearms, but that didn’t stop the propaganda queen from spreading messages like this:

Now, this message she spread makes me smile. More and more states are adopting this approach to carrying firearms, and the commie mommies are afraid (illogically so). So, looks like half the country is out of the question 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

And here they go again. MDA in 2020: “police violence is gun violence and is a symptom of systemic racism. No peace, no justice!!!”


Check out this article on that subject (MDA members grifting back and forth like Rachel pictured above, which she is actually featured lol):

As Indiana's new permitless carry bill takes root, expect Moms Demand Action to look to cover even more ground. (They'll be pissed & pumped!) It would also be nice if Gun Rights supporters donated to their local & national Gun Rights organizations monetarily in the name of "Shannon Watts' Wine Fund." It's just a suggestion, but a way to show her and Moms Demand Action that we care about their feelings.

Side note: Everytown/Moms Demand needs to update this tweet from last year (2021) lol. AL, IA, IN, OH, OK, TN and Utah are all permitless carry now.

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