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It's a Cultural Thing

I've been noticing how the (t)Race* has been hyperfocusing on demonizing right-of-center politics instead of reporting on "gun violence," which is supposedly its mission. For example, they've been wringing their hands over pro-gun congresswomen Laura Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green. Supposedly, the latter "liked" a comment about Nancy Pelosi being shot, which apparently warrants something along the lines of Impeachment Theater III (This Time, It's Hysterical), but only if you don't have the privilege of having a (D) after your name. Meanwhile, they let this one slide: Indianapolis boy, 17, 'shot dead six members of his family, including pregnant woman and her unborn child, after his father yelled at him for leaving house without permission' Here, you have an actual shooting--a "mass shooting," even! Surely, that would be a (t)Raceworthy story, right? But, so far, it's gotten no attention from them. Why? Probably because it didn't involve "right-wing extremists," nor "white supremacists," nor a police shooting. Hell, it didn't even involve an AR-15!

But it did involve a "Draco Gun," (left) which is an AK-47-style pistol. Now, that just by itself should normally be enough material to gin up more hysteria over "assault weapons." Gun control propagandists are certainly all too eager to spill ink denouncing such firearms. But even if an unusually curious gun control journo isn't already discouraged by the race of the shooter (can't underscore the existence of black on black violent crime, ya know), there is yet one more aspect to this firearm that would prompt such a journo not to pursue this story: namely, its associations with "gangsta" culture. This derails the narrative the (t)Race et al are trying to build. You see, they've long been hammered online by pro-gun gadflies like myself that it isn't the gun, but the shooter, that's the cause of the violence, and local culture may have its role to play as well, since Kennesaw, Georgia, doesn't have nearly the "gun violence" problem that Chicago does. And so, they have tried to give that idea their own spin, breathlessly painting "right wing" culture as being the big contributor of modern-day "gun violence." Problem is, how is it that neither Boebert, nor Greene, nor the DC protestors (nor pro-2A rallygoers nor lockdown protestors) have shot anyone nearly as often as those given to "gangsta" culture and left-wing extremism?


* my pet name for the Bloomberg-funded gun control propaganda outlet, because in the past year, it seems to have gotten distracted by (overplayed) race issues rather than "gun violence" matters.


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