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Joe Biden in 1994: linking “assault weapons” and their owners to drug dealers, child abusers?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Why did Joe Biden during the senate hearing for his 1994 crime bill (which was the 1994 AWB) try to link “assault weapons” to child molesters, drug dealers and men who beat women? Why is he also encouraging “barbed wire“ boot camps to house prisoners? At the very end he also said the bill is “what the prosecutors and cops want”. Was the ultimate goal of this bill to create a police state under the guise of “safety”? If you’re African American, you may want to see what the ACLU’s take is on Joe’s bill (spoiler: it affected your community most and led to mass incarceration). In fact, back in 2015 the New York Times even said his bill could come back to haunt him. Video of him speaking about it below:

Seems like Halo Joe wants to get even crazier on his war against gun owners who own certain weapons should he win the presidency. Considering that everyone who isn’t a Democrat is viewed as a “Nazi” or a “white supremacist”, it wouldn’t surprise me if he wants to get more “barbed wire boot camps” to house us all in if we don’t go along and comply with his and Beto’s gun control plan. You’ll notice in the video linked above that his composure is much less jumbled than his current self (should tell you something about his current mental health).

Joe Biden: Putting the DEM in DEMentia and ASS in mASS incarceration of African Americans.


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