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Katie Hobbs, a gun grabbing Democrat running for Governor of AZ, is a racist it appears


PHOENIX — A federal judge denied the state Senate’s attempt to overturn a $2.75 million discrimination award against it, leaving Katie Hobbs and other Democrats scrambling to blunt the effects of the verdict on her gubernatorial ambitions.
Judge Douglas Rayes rejected Senate arguments that Talonya Adams presented no credible evidence that she ever complained to Hobbs and others in 2015 about disparate pay on the basis of race or sex. Hobbs, who is now secretary of state, was Democratic Senate minority leader at the time that Adams, a Democratic staffer for the Senate, was fired.
Rayes, in a brief order Tuesday, said there was sufficient evidence for a jury to accept Adams’ arguments about the complaints she made.
He said that precludes him from second-guessing jurors’ decision last week that Adams, a Black woman, was a victim of discrimination and that her firing was retaliation for complaining. A separate jury in an earlier trial had also found Adams was discriminated against.

Six prominent Black leaders are urging Arizonans to "reconsider" supporting Katie Hobbs' campaign for governor, saying they are deeply concerned about Hobbs' role in firing a Senate employee who has now twice won a discrimination case over the termination.
“We’re going to do everything we can to make sure Katie Hobbs is not successful,” said Cloves Campbell, a former state representative and publisher of the Arizona Informant, the only African American-owned weekly newspaper in the state.

Way to pick your candidates, gun grabbers LOL.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Nov 20, 2021

Couldn't happen to a better person. Katie Hobbs is responsible for Arizona's election fiasco.

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