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Let the new 2A lawsuits flow

That’s it. That’s the article. Lawsuits against BS gun control laws need to start flying like never before. A few new ones are bound to make it to SCOTUS one day (in addition to the many cases waiting in limbo to be heard as we speak). This is the chance to save this civil/individual right once and for all. Everytown For Gun Safety, Giffords Courage, Brady Campaign, and all the other national and state level gun control orgs, your days of relevance are numbered :)

5-4 majority now (Roberts doesn’t count for this because he’s not reliable on gun cases). Should/could be an interesting few decades ahead in terms of gun rights being restored in states that they’re greatly infringed upon (and stop new laws infringing on the 2A from being enacted). Good job, President Trump! 3-0! You may have helped save the 2nd Amendment

And special hat-tip to “cocaine Mitch” for getting it done.

Most of all, thank former Democratic Senator, Harry Reid for this moment.


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