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Mayor Daley and Shannon Watts: “racist” minds think alike?

While working on another article, time was taken to revisit a previous release. In doing so, you can really connect some dots, such as mindsets. First, let’s look at Shannon Watts and this tweet she sent out in 2019 in an attempt to appeal to the “white guilt” folks:

Now, let’s look at a quote from former Chicago major, Mayor Richard Daley, and his chat with LBJ in 1966:

President Johnson: Do you think that you got things [in] pretty good shape in Chicago?
Daley: Well, as good as they can be, but we need some kind of federal help to shut off this gang situation. This gang situation in New York, in Los Angeles, in Philadelphia, in Cleveland, in Pittsburgh, in Detroit, in San Francisco, is no good. And if it’s allowed to go unabated, if it’s allowed to go and fester the way it is . . . The majority of them are headed, as you know, by ex-convicts: dope pushers, robbery with a gun, all of this kind of business. And there—something has to be done, Mr. President, on the sale of the guns. We—Outside [in] the suburbs—in the city we have control—but what the hell, in the suburbs that are—you go out to all around our suburbs and you got people out there, especially the non-white, are buying guns right and left. You got guns and rifles and pistols and everything else. There’s no registration; there isn’t a damn thing. Something has to be done under this gun law because, you see, the same thing happened in Cleveland that happened here—snipers shooting off the roof at police. Well, where the hell did they get the weapon? There’s no—and, you know, you’ve—they’ve got trouble with this national gun law but after the president’s [John F. Kennedy’s] assassination, someone ought to do something.

Now, this sounds VERY familiar. Shannon Watts (founder of Moms Demand Action) is also “concerned“ that minorities are buying guns. In fact, she criticized a WaPo article that highlighted reasons why minorities were buying guns and called it “irresponsible“:

Well, don’t know about you, but it appears deep down that the “feelings” towards minorities haven’t changed much between the Democratic “elite”. I mean, they’re already enacting modern segregationist type policies in their strongholds, such as in NYC...


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