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Mayor Lightfoot targets the Black and Hispanic community with her citywide vax mandate

In case you haven’t heard:

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The city of Chicago is imposing a wide-ranging vaccine mandate that will affect bars, restaurants, gyms and more after the first of the year.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the new requirements Tuesday in response to the surge in COVID cases.

This is her tone in regards to her order:

Nevermind the fact that “the science“ already says that the currently available Covid vaccines in the US DO NOT PREVENT SPREAD OR INFECTION. They were never designed to do so (although they were advertised as such early on when the Alpha variant was still making the rounds). It’s a whole new ballgame now, and raging psychopaths like Mayor Lightfoot are just using their power to attack and cause “inconveniences” for people that don’t do what she or her Democrat overlords (Biden/Fauci) say. Here’s the thing, though. She’s not targeting those “pesky right wing anti-vaxers” (although she probably thinks she is), she’s targeting the Chicago minority population, specifically the Black and Hispanic communities. Data from the Chicago government’s collected Covid vaccine demographics of city residents proves that:

As you see as of 12/20/21, the Black population as a whole is 48.7% vaccinated, followed by Hispanics (we won’t use that dumb term Latinx), which are at 59.1%, followed by Whites, which are at 67.3%, and then followed by Asians, which are at 71.5%. So, just who is going to get hit the hardest by Lightfoot’s idiotic and purposeful “inconvenient” vaccine mandate? Why the same people Democrats segregated decades ago and forced them to use different stores/water fountains/ride different public transportation or sit in the back of the bus, etc. You can read all about that (examples) here:

No one should he surprised by Lightfoot’s actions, though. Minorities (even though she is one herself) have often been the target of BS laws for “public safety” reasons. Perfect relevant example? The ID needed to posses a firearm legally in Illinois, the FOID card:

In short (with all of the documentation to prove it linked above), the FOID card became a requirement to have by all IL residents in the late 1960’s if they wanted to exercise a constitutional right. The reason? Politicians were afraid of armed blacks, and the FOID card was implemented as to “go further” than the Mulford Act of California, which was enacted to prohibit the open carry of firearms because the Black Panthers made an armed stand at the California Statehouse (no shots were fired and no one was injured). In order for that to become illegal (because they broke no laws), the Mulford Act was enacted.

With the FOID card, people who wanted to remain “legal” were required to register themselves with the Illinois State Police in order to obtain a card that says they’re legally able to own a firearm. Shortly after it was enacted, they got the desired effect. Most gun related arrests were being made in urban areas. Before it was implemented statewide:

And after:

So, who did this law benefit? Why LE and Prosecutors of course! What better way to get more $$ via fines and such than to make a law that targets minorities and fine them/throw them in jail for non-compliance because they are viewed as a “problem”. Again from our linked article above, here’s then Chicago Mayor Richard Daley talking with then President LBJ on those “pesky” minorities with guns :

Well, as good as they can be, but we need some kind of federal help to shut off this gang situation. This gang situation in New York, in Los Angeles, in Philadelphia, in Cleveland, in Pittsburgh, in Detroit, in San Francisco, is no good. And if it’s allowed to go unabated, if it’s allowed to go and fester the way it is . . . The majority of them are headed, as you know, by ex-convicts: dope pushers, robbery with a gun, all of this kind of business. And there—something has to be done, Mr. President, on the sale of the guns. We—Outside [in] the suburbs—in the city we have control—but what the hell, in the suburbs that are—you go out to all around our suburbs and you got people out there, especially the non-white, are buying guns right and left. You got guns and rifles and pistols and everything else. There’s no registration; there isn’t a damn thing.”

Just like citywide vax mandates (which target mostly the minority populations), gun control

is and was used for the same effect. It’s all just an excuse to “do something“ and virtue signal to the emotionally/logically immature (supporters of it) to strip rights and target certain segments of the population. It’s very un-American, but considering Lightfoot is backed by the red shirts over at Moms Demand Action (who’s leader, Shannon Watts, is upset over minorities getting legally armed), it’s not surprising that Lightfoot is a tyrant and abuses her power under the guise of “public safety”.


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