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Mayor Lightfoot targets the Black and Hispanic community with her citywide vax mandate

In case you haven’t heard:

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The city of Chicago is imposing a wide-ranging vaccine mandate that will affect bars, restaurants, gyms and more after the first of the year.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the new requirements Tuesday in response to the surge in COVID cases.

This is her tone in regards to her order:

Nevermind the fact that “the science“ already says that the currently available Covid vaccines in the US DO NOT PREVENT SPREAD OR INFECTION. They were never designed to do so (although they were advertised as such early on when the Alpha variant was still making the rounds). It’s a whole new ballgame now, and raging psychopaths like Mayor Lightfoot are just using their power to attack and cause “inconveniences” for people that don’t do what she or her Democrat overlords (Biden/Fauci) say. Here’s the thing, though. She’s not targeting those “pesky right wing anti-vaxers” (although she probably thinks she is), she’s targeting the Chicago minority population, specifically the Black and Hispanic communities. Data from the Chicago government’s collected Covid vaccine demographics of city residents proves that: