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Meet the soon-to-be new ATF director: a Giffords Courage stooge

Today, Biden unveiled his Executive Actions on gun control. We’re going to touch on the worst: nominating a gun control organization shill to lead the ATF.

The President will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. ATF is the key agency enforcing our gun laws, and it needs a confirmed director in order to do the job to the best of its ability. But ATF has not had a confirmed director since 2015. Chipman served at ATF for 25 years and now works to advance commonsense gun safety laws.

Who is he?

He must have been getting swarmed on twitter btw, as he locked his account (or maybe it was to hide all of his past anti-gun tweets):

The gun grabbers have one of their own policy makers about to take over the ATF. You all know what that means......

Hopefully David investigates Senator Mark Kelly of Giffords Courage fame for trying to buy an AR-15 for reasons other than personal use:

"Fear has been the motivation for much of the increases in firearms purchases," David Chipman, Senior Policy Advisor for gun control advocate group Giffords, told Newsweek.
"A small percentage of the marketing to gun owners has been to encourage preparation for end times scenarios and zombie apocalypses."
Chipman said the country's current gun laws allow people to hoard weapons in the same way they are able to mass buy toilet paper.
He described how there could be a disastrous knock-on effect for those who are purchasing a weapon for the first time amid the coronavirus outbreak.
"As a gun owner myself, I get how people instinctively think about their personal safety and that of their family.
"What concerns me most is not the responsible gun owners who decide to pick up a couple more boxes of ammo but the person who has never handled a gun buying an AR-15 who plans to bring a weapon of war into their home untrained and is already under an extraordinary amount of stress. It's adding gasoline to a fire.

Now, on another note, being that this guy is with Giffords Courage and if he gets the role, he‘s obviously going to do things that Giffords Courage wants because all of the crap they want is what the gun grabbing Democrats want. It could also be said that he is acting in capacity of his former organization to benefit them, to which we sent this out the other day (think outside the box):

Be ready to fight and file a LOT of complaints over this guy if he starts implementing stuff that Giffords wants. Hell, one could argue the Giffords endorsement got this guy the position (Biden nomination).....


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