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Meltdown over FOID being ruled “unconstitutional”: gun grabber says children need to die

This is an epic meltdown over the FOID card (“permission card” to just own a gun in Illinois under threat of criminal punishment regardless of otherwise legal status just for not paying the fee to get o) being declared unconstitutional......again. Our friends at 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control had a foaming anti-gun ”peace” officer (and rabid leftist) hit their comment section on a post and stir the pot. First, the post (thanks for the info 1MMAGC admins):

And on to the rabid “gun sense” meltdown:

So not only does she imply our kids have to die/suffer because of our respect and love for the 2A (and all civil rights), but our kids should put the barrel of an AR in their mouths and use it as a drinking straw. Great advice from a gun control proponent, don’t you think?....


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