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“Mi casa es la casa de ellos.”

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By MAGA Jilly - April 13, 2019

Caravans of illegal immigrants coming to the southern US border.

On January 11th, 2018, Actress and Human Rights Activist, Alyssa Milano took it to the streets of Brea, California, as she bussed around and led a group of illegal immigrants in protest, making a special visit outside of California Republican Congressman, Ed Royce’s office, for his vote against the Dream Act. She and her group, then went inside the office of the “illegal immigration foe,” chanting even louder their frustrations over his vote, as Milano and others recorded everything on cellphones. This is something she’s done several times prior and since; leading groups to Republican Congressional members doorsteps in protest of their stances.

(Video Credit:@grindall61)

Along with many other Left Wingers and Hollywood types, Milano has been an outspoken supporter of Immigration (and in many cases, illegal immigration), such as the deportation relief program, DACA- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. With President Trump’s call for a southern border wall, more border security and better vetting systems in place- to ensure that who comes across our border has legitimacy, Milano has pushed back fiercely in hopes to stop the “tearing apart of families,” of those entering the United States… illegally.

Actress & Activist Alyssa Milano leads bus load of Illegal Immigrants around California to push back against Rep. Congressman, Ed Royce.

In June of 2018, Milano wrote a letter to Cayuga Center CEO, Edward Myers Hayes- asking him and his organization for help with fostering illegal immigrant children that have been detained at the border.

“The last few weeks have been heartbreaking for Americans. We have watched the inhumane destruction at our Southern border, as innocent children, already traumatized, were essentially kidnapped from their families in furtherance of a vulgar, xenophobic Trump policy,” the actress wrote. (Quote Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

The Cayuga Center, once an orphanage, has grown to the esteemed National level of helping troubled youth and their families. In Milano’s plea for assistance from the center, she states, “As a mother, I know that children need to be reunited with their parents in the United States more than anything.”(Quote Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

To state her personal passion and want to help, she continued,“These children need compassion, stability and love more than ever. To them, I OFFER MY HOME AND HEART; my love and whatever stability I can give them until they can be reunited with a parent.”She also offers to help with any legal actions and fight for them. “I cannot let these children hurt any longer: Mi casa es la casa de ellos.” English translation: “My house is their house.” (Quote Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

With an increase of immigrants crossing the U.S. Southern Border, The Trump Administration, starting in November of 2018, has tossed back and forth the idea of resettling many of those detained by ICE, within Sanctuary Cities. Based on statistics provided by Homeland Security and ICE, the approach is to help alleviate space issues within the detainment facilities, but also to adhere to the requests of Democratic Leaders- who have continuously demanded aid and shelter for the caravanners. (Source: The Washington Post)

Prompted by many negative headlines on this matter, Alyssa Milano, rather than taking the opportunity to offer her home, again, to the illegal immigrant children (and families), she instead calls The Trump Administration’s idea of resettling these detained caravanners within Sanctuary Cities, “Sick & Twisted.” She also makes the claim that it’s a “weaponization of human beings,” aside from her doing so months prior to Republican Congressman, Ed Royce, for a political push back.

Alyssa Milano calls Trump’s proposed decision to resettle detained Illegal Immigrants into Sanctuary Cities, “Sick & Twisted.”

Sounds like Trump is actually giving these Democrats what they want, and in respect to the millions of Americans who’ve protested in asking him to do something about the Border Crisis.

“I am sure this is something many other Americans would consider a moral and patriotic duty.” –  Hollywood Actress & Political Activist, Alyssa Milano on taking in Illegal Immigrants per her letter to The Cayuga Center CEO.

Thank you, Alyssa. They’re coming your way.


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