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Moms Demand Action allied PD opens fire on “protestors”, killing one

From TTAG:

Earlier today we ran a report that indicated that the Louisville police had opened fire when a rioter took a shot at them and some National Guard troops early this morning. They returned fire, killing David McAtee, the owner of a restaurant adjacent to the area where the crowd had formed.
Subsequent investigation revealed that none of the Louisville Metro Police Department cops in the area had activated their body cameras…in the middle of a riot. As a result, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, fired LMPD Chief Steve Conrad who had announced his retirement at the end of June following the controversy over the shooting death of Breonna Taylor by LMPD officers.

You may remember Chief Conrad from one of our previous stories, as his officers shot Breonna Taylor in a botched no-knock raid. Here he is with Moms Demand Action (click link for more):

Can someone PLEASE tell Moms Demand Action’s allied PD’s to stop shooting people who don’t deserve to be shot, get on the range and work on their marksmanship, and to activate their body cameras?!?!?!?!?!?!? That’s two innocent people they’ve shot and killed in a month!

Paging Shannon Watts for a statement, as these are her buddies!!!


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