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Moms Demand Action attempting to “sneak” their advocacy in TX city meeting to relocate NRAHQ

Moms Demand Action: a group who loves the cameras, media attention and representing their organization in front of politicians.....until now.

The Richardson City Council had a meeting on July 10, 2023, in which one item on the agenda is public comment about the NRA relocating there. Well, leave it to Everytown and Moms Demand Action to be the sneaky little weasels they are and attempt to infiltrate the ranks of "average" citizens to make it appear that this relocation is not wanted by "normal" (non-activist) residents:

They're doing to things here:

  1. Covering their butts

  2. Encouraging people (their members) who want to speak freely to do so and say what they want, even though they're there because of MDA's call to action.

An example of this happened earlier this year, where an unhinged Highland Park, IL MDA member (Ashbey Beasley) attempted to stop a county pro-2A resolution (they failed):

She might look familiar, that's becuase she just happened to be on-site on the recent Nashville Christian school shooting and got in front of the camera and spew her gun control nonsense:

Don't think for a minute in Texas that they won't have aggitators mixed in with the shirt wearing members. That's just what they do (poison the well to appear that their organization's positions are more popular than they really are).


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