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Moms Demand Action FOIA time: Brentwood, CA firearm storage ordinance proposal receiving pushback

Came across this today:

On Tuesday, the Brentwood City received a presentation regarding firearm storage in which the council opted not to provide direction on an ordinance change at this time.
The item was requested by Councilmember Jovita Mendoza after the city received a letter from Moms Demand Action.
The Brentwood Police Department provided information that compared and contrasted what guidelines are being requested by Moms Demand Action versus current State and city guidelines.
Lieutenant Dave Schroer said he went back 20-years in their police database to see if any children had gotten a hold of a firearm and harmed themselves or someone else.
“As of today, we don’t have any,” said Schroer. “As of 20-years ago, we have no documented cases where that has taken place in the city of Brentwood,”
Schroer stated the city is guided and covered under California law 25100 Penal Code,
Schroer stated surrounding cities have adopted similar ordinance as proposed—such as San Jose, San Francisco, Berkley, Oakland, Orinda, Moraga and Dublin.
He called the proposed ordinance difficult to enforce after speaking with several other agencies.
“I did reach out to several of the agencies to see how this worked out for them enforcement wise in the interest of the public and none of the agencies have cited or made any arrests based on this ordinance,” said Schroer. “The comments that were made were its very difficult to enforce because obviously there is something called the 4th amendment. People have the right to unreasonable search and seizure within their home. So, we as police officers just go do compliance checks in homes, we have to have reasons to be there.”

We’re with Lieutenant Schroer on this one. There are MASSIVE constitutional issues with “feel good” useless laws like this. The moms’ “feelings” are irrelevant, which is why we filed a FOIA request with the city to see what was being discussed behind closed doors. As the Lieutenant noted, this is a non-issue in Brentwood. Patiently going to wait for the results.....


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