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Moms Demand Action groupie and elected state rep wants to cut coverage for unvaxed

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Shocking no one, Rep Jonathan Carroll of the Illinois House of Representatives wants insurance companies to tell unvaxed customers that they’re on their own if they get hospitalized w/C19.

And how nice, it applies to everyone. Kids aren’t exempted.

Here’s the sleazebag (who has never met a gun control law he didn’t like). He doesn’t like this pic of him at all.

Here’s what this POS had to say about his bill and why he did it:

“The vaccine is proven to be the one thing that is stopping the severity of COVID-19, and we are seeing more variants popping up,” Carroll told WCIA. “The experts are telling us, ‘This is now becoming a disease of the unvaccinated.’ The people that are choosing to get vaccinated are not the ones that are clogging up the health care system, it’s the ones that aren’t.”

Here’s the thing, and he is lying (on top of purposely trying to create hardship for those he disagrees with): as shown on the IDPH portal (below), the vaxed are filling up the hospitals w/C19 infections right now as well. Here’s the total number of vaxed w/“breakthrough“ infections that have been hospitalized or died since April 2021 (when it began being tracked):

As of right now, here’s the total number of C19 patients occupying hospital beds in the state (vaxed and unvaxed combined):

Here’s hospital bed and ICU utilization (in link above) that goes through the end of November (click on graph in link). As you see, C19 is NOT the cause of the hospitals being full.

Is John aware that his buddy and IL governor JB Pritzker (also a fellow Democrat) has a financial interest (his companies) in Covid vaccines?

This bill is just another example of a power hungry gun grabbing democrat trying to coerce (under threat of massive financial hardship) people into getting the shot. While if this passes it‘ll likely be challenged in court, it just goes to show that people like Rep Carroll don’t value the lives of people they disagree with, as it’s comply or be broke/die without care. That said, for the general population that is healthy, C19 is mild, so this bill actually targets already immunocompromised people and the elderly. Great job, Rep Carroll. Further, guess he wants to target blacks too...

Overall, across these 43 states, as of November 29, 2021, 58% percent of White people had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, which was close to the rate for Hispanic people (55%) but higher than the rate for Black people (50%).

And how ironic:


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