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Moms Demand Action members involved in riot/insurrection at TN state Capitol

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

This morning, gun control activists staged a mass protest at the TN state Capitol. This was from the side that had yet to gain access to the building.

After they got into the building, they started fighting with law enforcement to gain entry to the legislative chambers.

After gaining entry (which apparently to do so they had to force their way through the Tennessee State Police) to the floor, they proceeded to take it over and make their demands for gun control.

As you see, wasn't exactly "peaceful". It was (sure appears to be) forced entry and disruptive. What is now known is that members of Moms Demand Action were their representing their organization in their red shirts

Photo taken from here.

Amongst the crowd of these "rioters/insurrectionists" there is bound to be many more of them representing their organization. Have fun and make it a "where's Waldo" type game going through all the videos of today's "attack on democracy" or whatever the hell they usually refer to 1/6 as.

Update: Student Demand Action "gun sense voter" (Everytown youth) resisting arrest and partook in the storming of the building.

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David Fagan
David Fagan

Will they all be locked up for years without a trial too?

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