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Moms Demand starting another faux campaign to target McDonald’s

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Moms Demand Action and their supporters has a history of creating social media outrage in order to target businesses to ban open carry. An incident in IL (linked below) really shows how low they can go. Our folks exposed it:

Now, these people are up to another BS stunt. This time, their target is McDonald’s.

and then the MDA supporters/members quote tweet to help spread the rumor:

Oh yeah, and (do your homework, morons)......

This is an extremely poor and laughable attempt by a Moms Demand Action looney toon. If it did happen, those two would be arrested for brandishing and assault with a deadly weapon and ALSO for breaking FL law regarding open carry. This tweet will likely explode and get the attention of Shannon Watts and other gun grabbers so that the faux incident will pressure McDonald’s into making a statement. Attention, that’s all these people want.....

**Quick update: the moms can’t help themselves LOL. Get called out on a faux event (if this was real, it would be front-and-center news), revert to sexual frustration arguments

Someone please find a news link for this. This would be a big story. Won’t hold my breath LOL

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