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Moms Demand to counter protest K. Rittenhouse rally


Link in flyer:

Undoubtedly they got the word of the rally being organized by Illinois Gun Owners Together (which is the group their protesting against in the flyer MDA sent out):

Illinois' largest second amendment social media group has announced their support for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who killed two and injured another in an alleged act of self-defense during riots in Kenosha, Washington.
Illinois Gun Owners Together (IGOT) founder said in a statement released Thursday that he believed in Rittenhouse's right to self-defence, with the group also denouncing the Kenosha County Public Defender for Rittenhouse's arrest and prosecuting.
Frank Tripoli, a moderator at IGOT, said: “We are all saddened for the loss of life. We are doing further injustice by charging Kyle with murder in a clear-cut self-defence situation.”
Support for Rittenhouse extends beyond IGOT, with attorney John Pierce calling Rittenhouse's shooting "100 percent self-defence."
IGOT plans to "peacefully gather and protest [Rittenhouse's] arrest and detention pending trial" in front of the Robert W. Depke Juvenile Complex Centre where he is being held.
The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 from 11 am to 2 pm. Those who cannot attend are encouraged to drive by and honk their horns.

This “Moms” chapter that’s going to counter-protest has a history with IGOT. The leader of it organized a village sponsored pride parade last year and IGOT wished to participate, as they have LGBTQ members. IGOT even got a permit to do so. The message was in support of the LGBTQ community (which has gun owners obviously), but the event leader (the Buffalo Grove/Vernon Hills chapter lead of Moms Demand Action), told them not to come and that they weren’t welcome. Full story in link:

Don’t worry though, the event organizer made sure her chapter got PR:

One reason they were disinvited?

This is also the same MDA chapter (scheduled to counter-protest tomorrow) that has positions inside area high schools and uses those positions to recruit students for gun control (I guess minors can push for laws but not defend themselves......)

Bloomberg’s moms have a right to counter protest, just know that they are intolerant and like to use their positions in schools to use kids for their agenda.


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