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New Gun Range opening in the Chicago Area (and one hell of a new angle!)

Joe L Stanford Jr and Family purchased the only African American Owned Gun Range In Illinois. The Facility host nine shooting lanes also 4 dedicated to ShotGuns and Rifle shooting. The building also has a fish, bait and tackle store on 7410 S Harlem Ave, Bridgeview Illinois 60455.

Please support help us achieve a level of excellence as we endeavor present light in Chicago and Illinois and be an example of great representation to underserved, uninformed urban youth. That guns are best and most fun used in sport. We believe that education in any form cast a light into dark minds. If the youth and misguided can learn to understand the power of an educated legal mindset. I believe shootings in Chicago will decrease 10 fold if we can capture them before they get felonies. Were in process of developing that program to get education of firearms to those of age.

website here:

This is going to make Moms Demand Action’s heads explode (as well as the rest of the civilian disarmament complex). I think I need to make the trip out and check the range out myself :)

Well done!


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