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New Jersey gun range gets duped into supporting Moms Demand Action

Came across this post on Instagram:

BeSMART is Moms Demand Action/Everytown’s gateway to activism. More on that here:

They tried this stunt with another range, but one of our researchers sounded the alarm. Range canceled. All that in above article as well (including the opinions on guns by the BeSMART lead):

Further, here’s what the BeSMART instructors also do (recruit school kids for gun control activism by reaching out to public high schools):

Take note above in the email about how anti-gun congressman Schneider is who initiated that. Anyways, back to New Jersey.....

To all ranges and 2A activists, please be very careful when approached by BeSMART people. They’re Moms Demand Action activists that have taken on another roll. It’s still Everytown/Bloomberg stuff.


I was approached by two members the Woodland Park Stigma Free Task force of which I am a member of and asked if I would display the Be Smart post card as well as the brochure. I inspected the literature and observed that its main focus was on storage and securing firearms so I agreed to place them with the other literature I discussed above. Full disclosure, I did not read the fine print that they were supplied by Everytown.- he told Truth About Guns

Don’t allow BeSMART (Moms Demand Action) to use you. To close, another example in which they used an African American pro-gun group for their needs (and MDA goes a:


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