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Paging Shannon Watts!!! DC prosecutors not pressing charges on armed anti-Trump leftist “rioter“

We all know Shannon Watts and her gun grabbing friends are furious about what happened in DC on the 6th, and to be honest, some of it was completely out of line. It happened and we can argue right vs wrong all day, but what we can’t argue about is the eyebrow raising selective enforcement of DC gun laws (which suck, btw).

As many know, folks on the left and gun control groups say what happened was an “insurrection“. Shannon Watts even stated that pro-Trump lawmakers would have to be gunning down only their allied constituents if they wanted to defend themselves:

Shannon, in terms of “bad guys”, the only armed person in connection to the events on 1/6/21 was an anti-Trump protestor that was arrested at the Capitol while in possession (against the draconian DC laws) of a gun and ammo. BearingArms has the story (and the not-so-shocking actions by the Democrat prosecutors):

A Michigan resident arrested in Washington, D.C. last week on charges of illegal possession of a handgun, extended ammunition magazine, and unregistered ammunition has caught a break from D.C. prosecutors, who say they’ve decided “for now” to not pursue charges in the case.
According to Grimes’ father, the 25-year old headed off to Washington, D.C. from Michigan in a car full of other anti-Trump activists and didn’t know that there was a gun and ammunition in the vehicle.

So, an ally of the Democrats is arrested for breaking multiple DC “gun safety“ laws as Shannon would say, yet they are currently not interested in pursuing charges against him. Surely it has nothing to do with political affiliation, right?.....

We eagerly await a statement from Moms Demand Action, Democrat lawmakers and Joe Biden condemning the DC prosecutors for not pursuing charges. Not holding my breath, though.


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