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Radical leftist attacks 1MMAGC for sharing our article/submits tips to FBI

This is how batshit insane some people are. One Million Moms Against gun control shared our article about a lying gun control supporter. It had NOTHING to do with his rant:

The comments and exchanges went on and on, just about all were regarding the event that happened on January 6th. 1MMAGC stepped in and then this happened:

Thanks for proving that many (not all) leftists can’t be trusted as allies for the larger fight against gun grabbers, HarGopal. You are trying to get potential allies that fight for YOUR RIGHTS visits (for nothing) from the feds over BS that YOU started, which had no relation to the post.

Edit: he went off some more against 1MMAGC. Looks like death threats to me....

Typical Antifa crap


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