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Anti-gunner and her made up fantasies to prove a point (but backfired)

We’ve all seen the whacked out stuff anti-gunners post, but this example is at the top. Meet Didi:

Didi is in Aspen, which is known for its violent crime (NOT!):

Well, somehow she tries to make the case that THIS happened lol:

Yes. Kids having shootouts at recess in Aspen Colorado. TOTALLY legit. She started digging a hole though and stuck with it:

Apparently everyone involved in the conversation was calling her out on her lame attempt to pretend this stuff actually happened. she resorted to deleting the tweets and blocking people:

Their shilling attempts are laughable and go to show they need to make stuff up to have an argument. Catch them and they delete and block. She takes after Shannon Watts quite well.


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