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Ralph Northam and Mark Herring, you have a problem

Updated: May 21, 2020

Ralph and Mark seem to think that Monday’s event is similar to the “unite the right” rally that caused the mess in Charlottesville. They are WRONG and already trying to spin the narrative. We know the outcome of that. Democrats took over, installed people in positions of power, and here we are today: Democrats attempting to take power away from the very people they are supposed to represent. What’s that called? Tyranny.

Now, what led James Fields to possibly do what he did at the Charlottesville event?

In several videos posted on YouTube, Dixon is lecturing a class saying “I just want to say ‘rest in power’ to Heather Heyer… who was murdered fighting white supremacists”.
He says in the video he was there “to talk about armed antifascism, about confronting real, bloody, deadly white supremacist violence and lethal force.”
In the video, Dixon describes James Fields “slow-rolling” apparently the Redneck Revolt western perimeter — which was 4th Street — several times. Dixon says one time, Dixon stopped in front of him, so he waved Fields off with his rifle.
Dixon continues in his last pass, Fields accelerated, and “a block away, he killed Heather”.
It’s not completely clear the exact location to which Dixon alludes, but it sound like it could Market Street. Prosecution witnesses near Fields’ car when he was on 4th itself testify no one was around the car then,and there was no damage to the Charger until he rolled into the crowd.
Dixon’s attorney told WINA News Dixon was not at the trial Wednesday because he was administering exams. Dwayne Dixon is listed as a “teaching assistant professor” at UNC-CH in the Department of Asian Studies in the field of Global Asia.

Antifa was counter protesting because the Unite the Right rally was political. It had sides (left vs right). Today, this is how Northam and Herring are trying to spin it: