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Rep. Willis, please explain your past (2017) support for fund sweeps -FOID fund mess

We all know the story by now, being the the Illinois General Assembly uses money from special funds to fund other non-related funds. Confusing, I know. But the one who’s complaining the most (Rep. Kathleen Willis) and who is requesting an increase of FOID fees via SB1966 in order to go into the State Police Firearms Services Fund has an interesting past regarding support for taking money out of it via fund Sweeps . Have a look:

That bill itself is toast, but pay attention here:

Ok, so what? From our 12/2 article:

This is confirmed by Rep. Wheeler‘s findings released 12/10/19 (page 4) and the Illinois State Rifle Association’s research. It was also part of the Illinois 2018 budget (if you hadn’t guessed already, as that how the money was found to be moved).

Willis is/was part of this (just making that crystal clear):