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“Republicans need to be shot so they’ll support gun control”

The firearm prohibitionists are really letting loose lately. Now they want their polticial opposition shot because they think it might change minds:

Did this guy forget already that one of his political allies did just that?

WASHINGTON — When James Hodgkinson got into trouble, it was often with a gun.
And when he got angry about politics, it was often directed against Republicans.
On Wednesday, those two elements apparently brought the 66-year-old southern Illinois man to the edge of an Alexandria, Virginia, ball field, where GOP congressmen were practicing for an upcoming charity game.
He allegedly asked people there, "Are these the Republicans or the Democrats?"
Then, from the edge of the third-base dugout, he took up a high-powered rifle, aimed at the players, and began firing, authorities said.

We all know that congressional Republicans didn’t use the shooting to push gun control, in which an unhinged radical Democrat tried to kill them (why wasn’t he obeying DC gun laws btw, I thought they work?). Maybe it’s because they didn’t feel like following the DNC playbook and use tragedies to advance a partisan agenda. We also all know what congressional Democrats do when they’re afraid:

All of this goes to show that many gun control supporters (check out the replies in his tweet) think people need to be killed so they’ll eventually get on board with this political agenda. Somehow they view us as the “sick” ones.....

Oh, and in regards to the shooting the guy is all wound up over, the suspect is one of those who would be (formerly) enforcing gun control laws:

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Barry Hirsh
Barry Hirsh
Apr 20, 2021

Oh, you mean like STEVE SCALISE? (You ignorant sumb*tch.)

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