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RGuns, a popular store and manufacturer/importer based in Illinois, speaks their mind

RGuns in Carpentersville, IL is well known amongst the firearms community for importing mil-surp/European police trade-in firearms, their in-house AR-15's and AR parts, etc. Visting their website today, they had a message on their homepage:

This is also a good one, and it's true, so.....

There currently are multiple state level and federal lawsuits challenging the new oppressive/illegal law. So far, two lawsuits done by Attorney Thomas DeVore have resulted in TRO's for his clients (people and FFL's that signed on to two of his lawsuits), but this is due to a violation of Article 1 Secrion 2 (equal protection clause) of the IL constitution because it exempts some people (some have more rights than others) such as retired cops and prison officials.

Yes.....IL legislators are apparently such idiots that they can't read the first page of the IL constitution and correctly apply it to laws.....

Anyways, Jake and Elwood would be perfect to deal with the Illinois Nazis in Springfield.


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