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Rhode Island Governor’s plan to end “gun violence”: TAXES!

Updated: May 21, 2020

There are times to be outraged and there are times to just think to yourself “huh?”. Well, the brainiac governor of Rhode Island (Gina Raimondo) thinks that taxing shooting ranges, gun safety courses and hunting clubs that it will reduce ”gun violence“. You can listen to the hearing below. It‘s painfully obvious (and a representative from the governor‘s office even says it) that this is purely to make recreational shooting (and practice/safety) too expensive to do in order to discourage legal use of firearms. Start at 2:05:

It should come as no surprise who the governor is buddies with. Here’s MDA founder, Shannon Watts, and the Governor applauding the fraud:

Good old Shannon Watts and her army of misinformed activists want to tax gun REAL safety courses, shootings ranges and hunting clubs (all which teach safe firearm Handling and techniques) and they’re using the Governor to do their dirty deed (you know damn well they support this move lol). So much for being a “Gun Safety” organization....


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