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Rich liberal elitist hypocrisy: telling others donate to political candidates while you don’t

Seinfeld’s “Elaine“ has a message to all of the liberal plebeians: Donate your hard earned money to the Democrat Georgia runoff candidates!

Does she put her money where her mouth is? Of course not. FEC records (and even OpenSecrets) confirm that as of today (12/29/20) she hasn’t donated a dime to either of these candidates out of her own pocket. Here’s all 26 donations she’s done over the course of time she’s been a political donor to federal candidates and PAC’s:

With a net worth of $202 million, shouldn’t she be forking up as much $ as possible to buy DNC Senate seats and let the little people keep their hard earned money? Nah. Gotta pretend the Democratic Party is the party of the “little guy”.

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