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The army/corp of contact tracers is being assembled

Yesterday, Mom-At-Arms shared a video which had the Clinton Foundation and allied governors (Newsome & Cuomo) discussing the assembly of a “Corp” to hunt down anyone who has come in contact with any positive COVID-19 patients.

Well, here we go. The hiring has begun in NYC:

Here’s the job description of one of them (contact tracer level 1). It pays well, allows this not-for-profit to do government work, and most of all, is “woke”:

So now the big question: if someone in NYC is contacted by this not-for-profit and says “piss off”, what happens? Is it elevated to the next level (visit from law enforcement)? Are armed people going to show up like they did in China?

Really getting tired of this over the top nonsense. Too many organizations and local governments are getting power hungry. It’s already been proven that roughly 25 % of people in NYC had COVID-19 and have the antibodies in their system. What does that tell you?......


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