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The enforcers of gun control get a taste of gun free zones

Anti-gun politicians usually exempt cops (active and retired) from many of their gun control policies. Looks like that’s changing....

NEW YORK STATE FAIRGROUNDS (WSYR-TV) — Off-duty police officers will no longer be allowed to carry their weapons while attending the New York State Fair, police departments were notified Tuesday in an email obtained by NewsChannel 9.
Guns aren’t allowed on the fairgrounds for most people, but an exception has been historically made for police officers who show badges upon entry.
The key portion of the email, signed by New York State Police Major Michael TenEyck reads: “Police officers that are “On-duty” will be permitted to carry, however, the State Dept of Ag and Markets has elected to NOT allow “Off-duty” police and peace officers to carry department or personally owned firearms on the property.”
Major TenEyck, the commander for Troop D, added the decision was not made by New York State Police.
Responding to NewsChannel 9’s request for comment, a spokesperson for the State Fair wrote: “The Fair has a longstanding policy of banning guns on the Fairgrounds, and this policy has not changed.”

This part is great:

In an interview with NewsChannel 9, Cicero Police Chief Steve Rotunno, the president of the Central New York Chiefs of Police Association, said the response from officers has been “not good.”
God forbid, there’s an active shooter or any other type of incident where an officer may have to act,” Rotunno said in his interview.

Hey chief/Mr. Pres, now you know why us lowly civilians carry! Perhaps it’s time to tell the officers you represent to cease enforcing BS laws that do nothing to protect the public and instead aim to create more criminals...


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