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This is why you don’t let students “demand action”: they screw up your argument

Moms Demand Action released a statement today regarding the state of Idaho and a bill introduced to nullify federal gun control laws:

The Idaho chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, both part of Everytown for Gun Safety, released the following statement after the Idaho Senate passed SB1205, legislation which would attempt to nullify federal gun safety laws, including the laws that prohibit people with dangerous histories from having firearms. The legislation would encourage extremists to defy federal gun laws and prevent local law enforcement for doing their jobs.
Nullifying federal law is unconstitutional and provisions in the bill would prevent law enforcement officers from protecting their communities from gun violence and encourage extremists to defy federal gun laws, including laws that keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Idaho already has some of the weakest gun laws in the country, and under a nullification law this is only exacerbated.
With over 260 gun deaths per year, Idaho needs proven gun safety laws to end this public health crisis but under a nullification law Idaho law enforcement officers would be discouraged from assisting federal authorities in making sure people who are a threat to themselves and others don’t have access to a firearm. Nullification is widely opposed by law enforcement officers across the country and a similar bill was recently defeated in Wyoming this session.

First, they’re saying “extremists“ would be more dangerous and that it would hurt communities. An actual number is given on firearm related deaths, 260. We’ll even bump it up to 265 because they said “over 260”. Here’s where the Students Demand Action argument in the press release makes a mockery out of the organization’s fear tactics:

“Nullification is nothing more than a political ploy,” said Lauren Axness, a volunteer with Students Demand Action in Idaho. “Our state doesn’t have time for this type of partisan and dangerous bill. We need meaningful action to prevent gun violence now—especially gun suicide which makes up over 85% of our state’s gun deaths.”

Suicides make up for 85% of Idaho firearm related deaths she says. So, 85% of 265 is 228, which means that only 37 deaths per year are not attributed to suicide. To put this in perspective, Idaho has a population of 1,826,913 (2020 stats) and Moms Demand Action is trying to make the case that they shouldn’t take up this bill because “Idaho needs proven gun safety laws to end this public health crisis”. I mean, do they think they’re going to legislate away suicide (affects 0.012% of the population)? Or are they more concerned about saying Idaho needs more gun control because it affects 0.002% of the population (non-suicide) annually?

Either way, by Moms Demand Action’s own statistic, Idaho is one of the safest states in the nation when it comes to firearms. The legislators there better vote for that bill, as it seems their current firearm laws are on point and they don’t need the federal government stepping on their neck.


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