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Troubling rhetoric from activist-turned-school board members

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

update: lots of flak over this article, but one thing we saw today was a “vote“ sign at one of the protests. We agree. Know what you’re voting for.....


We at mom-at-arms have known for awhile that school boards are ground zero for political activism. Why? Because children are the future and some adults see it as their mission to shape them into what they believe they should be. Today, it was brought to our attention that two Skokie, Illinois school board members were actively engaged in setting the agenda in telling students what to think/feel, not providing them the facts and allowing discussion. There is no discussion. It’s “get out there and do what we say”! I’d hate to be one of the students who questioned what they were saying:

School board member #1

(Also ran for state rep this past election)

”No justice. No peace“ in the letter. What does that mean exactly?????

And of course, in now deleted tweets, some lives are worth more than others (and vandalism/theft is the appropriate response to get what she wants) :