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Trump Has Bumped His Head

I'm starting to believe what Liberals have been telling us all along:

"Trump doesn't know sh*t about the Constitution!"

(That's right! I SAID IT!)

And ya know what!?!

The Left is using that against him to push Gun Control.

Sitting here watching a man that's supposed to be all about our 2nd Amendment... That Shall Not Be Infringed... actually infringe upon it. WTF!?!


Not only are the Bumpstock and Silencer bans, unconstitutional, but RED FLAG LAWS & UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS... Oh... my... gosh. Trump might as well just throw us all to the wolves. He just allowed The Left to cripple us. I am so sorry to be the one to give you all this dose of reality, but TRUMP just flaked on us. He's a FUDD in a nice Armani suit.

Trump went stupid with his support of these Gateway Bans. He's trying to appease The Left to take pressure off his ass.