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Trump Has Bumped His Head

I'm starting to believe what Liberals have been telling us all along:

"Trump doesn't know sh*t about the Constitution!"

(That's right! I SAID IT!)

And ya know what!?!

Sitting here watching a man that's supposed to be all about our 2nd Amendment... That Shall Not Be Infringed... actually infringe upon it. WTF!?!


Not only are the Bumpstock and Silencer bans, unconstitutional, but RED FLAG LAWS & UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS... Oh... my... gosh. Trump might as well just throw us all to the wolves. He just allowed The Left to cripple us. I am so sorry to be the one to give you all this dose of reality, but TRUMP just flaked on us. He's a FUDD in a nice Armani suit.

Trump went stupid with his support of these Gateway Bans. He's trying to appease The Left to take pressure off his ass.

I get it.


And I speak hypothetically/ theoretically... Trump will win 2020. The candidates from The Left are just ploys for the media to praise or tear apart. The Left knows Trump has 2020 in the bag. How do you take down a man that cannot be bought, who also happens to be the President of The United States? You embarrass the shit out of him.

The Left is banking on Impeachment.

  • Trump wins 2020.

  • Red Flag Laws and Universal Background Checks pass because of his newfound support from Gun Grabbers.

  • Another mass shooting happens... or some other gun related tragedy.

  • Trump loses respect and support from NOT only Gun Grabbers (who were just using him anyway), but also Die-hard 2A Supporters & Defenders who are (were) "MAGA."

  • Trump goes bye bye!

See how that has worked out for us?

Why do y'all think I've been preaching and bitching about "Empower 2A Women?" First, it's because WE ARE the weaker sex. Plain and simple. It's a scientific and God fact. Period.

Gun Grabbers use the "Women & Children die by guns most" narrative to drive a wedge in homes of gun owners. It's to prey upon the weaker/ more emotional ones in the household.

Second, they go after minorities: blacks, browns, gays, ect... they use the violent narratives against these groups to sway an idea and they use it against them.

Then they go after big orgs after they've gained a ton of support from these minority bases. They push and push till they all fold. In this case, Trump has toppled.

Red Flag Laws & Universal Background Checks put Americans in more danger than ever before... especially women, children, and minorities.

All states already have FEDERAL Background checks in place for gun purchases and ownership, which takes anywhere from an hour to 24 hours... depending.

Universal Background Checks can take anywhere from 2 days... to 35 days- depending on the 3rd Party Services that are hired to do the checks. AND GUESS WHAT!?! They're not always guaranteed, nor are they always "accurate."

So, for a WOMAN who has a CHILD, or even a MINORITY- black, brown, gay, trans... who have been in- say for example, a DOMESTIC SITUATION, where the FEAR of getting away or even calling the cops has hindered them... OR! They have gotten away and their abuser has stalked them, prior to being locked up, yet as a victim, these women (with children) or minorities still fear for their lives...

Waiting 2 to 35 days for a Universal Background Check to come through puts these people in more danger than ever before.

In many cases of domestic violence, that ends up with the abuser being locked up- a victim becomes more susceptible to being stalked and even MURDERED by the abuser after they are released from prison. Ya see... after the abuser is locked up, authorities don't have to protect the victim anymore and it becomes a "forgotten" scenario. The majority of deaths that happen due to domestic violence is because the victim got away then stalked, fought back, or had the abuser locked up. (Find out more here).

Red Flag Laws will enable the abuser, or even a blind supporter of the abuser, to allege that the VICTIM is "Crazy" and not well enough to have a firearm for personal defense.

Ya see how that works, now?

So, you supporters of Trump that stand by him and his stance on these Gateway Bans,

You've folded to The Left.

Congrats and... (Hit play below for a special message from me)


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