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Trust the science? Science says liberal women to blame for gun control

Well, the “science“ has spoken. Liberal women are the main cause of gun control, and if history teaches us anything, their activism (once they get what they want) ends in disaster due to being emotional based instead of rational.

So liberal women, STFU, get the help you need (check out the amount who admit to being mentally ill) and stop screwing things up for us sane women and men (and threatening to kill us). If you’re so emotional that you feel the need to take it out and be active in some sort (btw, you’re emotional instability is why you’re get targeted to become activists), do it somewhere outside of politics. We don’t need another prohibition on our hands (which the gun grabbing queen Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action seems to think was a success as noted in the link in first paragraph). And let’s be honest here, it’s not just liberal women (they’re just loud and obnoxious), but also liberal men (who seem to act like women) like IL State Rep John Carroll:

To close, some humor that’s bound to upset the female lefty activists just cuz.


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