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Tucson, Arizona mayor signs on with Everytown. We know what’s up.....

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Update 1/13/20. See bottom of article.

On 1/8/20, the mayor of Tucson signed a pledge to join Everytown’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (as reported by KVOA):

Why is this important and why should it raise concern for residents of Arizona? Let’s take a brief look at Arizona law:

13-3108. Firearms regulated by state; state preemption; injunction; civil penalty; cause of action; violation; classification; definition
A. Except as provided in subsection G of this section, a political subdivision of this state shall not enact any ordinance, rule or tax relating to the transportation, possession, carrying, sale, transfer, purchase, acquisition, gift, devise, storage, licensing, registration, discharge or use of firearms or ammunition or any firearm or ammunition components or related accessories in this state.
B. A political subdivision of this state shall not require the licensing or registration of firearms or ammunition or any firearm or ammunition components or related accessories or prohibit the ownership, purchase, sale or transfer of firearms or ammunition or any firearm or ammunition components, or related accessories.

Firearms preemption, meaning local municipalities can’t enact stricter laws than the state. Which brings us to the point of getting mayors in gun friendly states on board with Mayors Against Illegal Guns (an oxymoron in itself). Everytown is recruiting mayors to challenge preemption laws. Here’s proof (days after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on 10/27/18):


And then:

(**Here’s what they’re talking about regarding Parkland and preemption.)

Pennsylvania, like Arizona, has firearms preemption. It got so messy in Pittsburgh that the county DA threatened to arrest Peduto over his overstep.

Now you know why building a coalition of like minded mayors in gun friendly states is important for gun grabbers. They want to work towards overturning preemption and do whatever the hell they want in terms of gun control. Mayors Against ILLEGAL Guns isn’t targeting “illegal” guns (which is why mayors ditched the group in the first place, Bloomberg’s group lies), they’re targeting law abiding citizens in an effort to disarm them. Mayor Romero signing up with them should come as no surprise though, as she is all for welcoming illegal aliens even though 70% of Tucson voters said no to Tucson becoming a illegal alien sanctuary. Welcome illegals, punish and target US citizens. Sounds about right for....

In closing, I’ll leave you with some other wonderful news about the organization Mayor Romero joined:

They call themselves Mayors Against Illegal Guns. But apparently not all of them are against all illegal activity.
Over in Spring Valley, Mayor Noramie Jasmin was arrested for accepting bribes from an FBI informant in April. In Marcus Hook, Pa., Mayor James Schiliro was arrested for reckless endangerment after firing a handgun inside his home during a drunken argument. Down in Gainesville, Fla., Mayor Craig Lowe was charged with a DUI after being found asleep at the scene of a car accident. Meanwhile, other MAIG members from Hartford to Detroit have found themselves facing prosecutors over charges that include felony corruption, assault and attempted sex crimes with a child.
Clearly MAIG needs tougher screening — or a more accurate name.


UPDATE: Sent to us by a Tucson local. Tucson government release today (1/13/20):

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Gun control, for example. Last week I was honored to join Congressman Ron Barber, Chief Magnus, representatives from the March for our Lives, Congressman Grijalva and Mom’s Demand Action, as Regina Romero officially joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She is following in Jonathan’s footsteps, keeping Tucson as a part of the national gun control conversation. We have sadly earned our seat at that table through two mass shootings, plus the many other gun-related killings that take place far too frequently in this community, and in communities throughout the Country.
Last year nearly 40,000 people died due to gun violence in the U.S. We are by far the number one nation in the world when it comes to gun deaths. Nobody else is even close. The causes include homicide, domestic violence, suicide, police-involved-shootings (and let’s not forget the danger our officers are in every time they leave for work), and the mass shootings that seem to get all the publicity. It is a national epidemic that has a complex array of causes. It is a public health issue. As a part of the ceremony held at City Hall, Regina announced her intention to form a local task force that will promote community safety. It will include youth, neighborhood leaders, mental health professionals, our law enforcement personnel, and of course, the advocates I have been working alongside on this issue for years. While we have our hands tied to some extent by the State Legislature in terms of our ability to adopt local gun ordinances, this task force will look into strategies through which we can take local action. It will give special focus to some of the groups who are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. As a result of our close relationship with Emerge, one such group near and dear to the Ward 6 office is victims of domestic violence. I thought it was great that Regina chose gun violence as an area for early focus in her term as Mayor. She knows she will have my support as this task force evolves, and as we explore together ways we can make progress in making Tucson a safer community, despite the restrictions we’re operating under due to State interference.



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