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VA Sheriff Grabbed Them By The Posse

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

With major Gun Control Lobbying groups pushing EXTREME gun control laws throughout the state of Virginia, one VA Sheriff stood honorably behind his oath of upholding the Constitution.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, Va. proposed a way to exempt citizens from newly proposed Virginia gun laws that might otherwise bar them from owning certain firearms. - via American Military News
"Every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia will see the consequences if our General Assembly passes further unnecessary gun restrictions. “Red Flag” laws without due process will create enormous conflict as well.
America has more guns than citizens and murder has long been illegal. At best, the proposed gun restrictions will disarm or handicap our law-abiding in their defense and possibly cause a criminal to choose another tool for evil.
I’d like to thank our Board of Supervisors for their resolution of support of our citizen’s natural right to self defense as protected by our Constitutions. My office will always encourage and support our citizens in firearms training, concealed carry permits, and the ability to defend themselves and their families.
I remain very optimistic that our General Assembly will not pass the proposed bills. Obviously, if passed, there are many of us willing to challenge these laws through the courts. In addition, if necessary, I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms."- Sheriff Scott Jenkins
“A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves...and include all men capable of bearing arms.” (1788) -Richard Henry Lee

These statements have sparked much controversy from Gun Grabbers all over the country. Many calling Sheriff Jenkins an enabler of "Gun Extremism," while others say he and his supporters are living in a Wild West fantasy land- all the while, Gun Control pushing legislators call Jenkins' proposal "unconstitutional" within itself and "against regulations."

Contrary to what all these Gun Grabbing bandwagon riders believe- and what Gun Control pushing tyrants are telling you, but Sheriff Scott Jenkins is TOTALLY WITHIN THE LAW!


If any Sheriff within the Commonwealth of Virginia (or America, actually) wanted to, in order to maintain order and civility within an area, they could... in fact... call upon the old fashioned, underlying law of Posse Comitatus.

For those of you who don't want to click the link to read the full definition, Posse Comitatus is:

[Latin, "Power of the county."] Referred at Common Law to all males over the age of fifteen on whom a sheriff could call for assistance in preventing any type of civil disorder.
The notion of a posse comitatus has its roots in ancient English Law, growing out of a citizen's traditional duty to raise a "hue and cry" whenever a serious crime occurred in a village, thus rousing the fellow villagers to assist the sheriff in pursuing the culprit. By the seventeenth century, trained militia bands were expected to perform the duty of assisting the sheriff in such tasks, but all males age fifteen and older still had the duty to serve on the posse comitatus. - per The Legal Dictionary

So, if you're immediately taken back to a time, where you see yourself alongside Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, as you hunt down outlaws... yeah... that's what this is.

AND! For anyone reading that thinking Posse Comitatus only allowed for men, as a matter of fact, WOMEN were allowed to join a posse if they presented themselves fit and able. NOT ONLY THAT, but women were also allowed to be US Marshals and Sheriffs waaaaay before Women's Suffrage. Let's also NOT forget many of the women within history, like Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Catherine Jones, and so many more... knew that having a gun in their corset meant no man would take advantage of them. Anywho... (hopefully that fends off any toxic feminism)

Back at the ranch...

Posse Comitatus allows a County Sheriff to deputize those who he/ she deems fit, to serve and uphold the law in REGARDS TO THE CONSTITUTION, when needed. In reality, it is a way to legally form a civilian militia.

After a while, the idea of "Posses" became an unpopular concept, due to political and government intervening. Many misused the opportunity to perform criminal/ unlawful activities- especially during the Reconstruction Era and Civil War. Because of this, President Rutherford B. Hayes signed into law the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878. It along with the Insurrection Act of 1807, were formed to GUARANTEE LIMITS ON THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, backing the US CONSTITUTION (2nd Amendment), from greedy, corrupt politicians and tyrants, looking to continue to take advantage of We The People.

*Apologies for the Wikipedia Links. I don't normally use those. The Encyclopedia Britannica Online doesn't have much info on these topics. Additional links will be provided at the end to back the Wikipedia links, though, if ya care.


So, saddle up boys... and girls... get on that horn and holler at your local Lawman... or lady.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, Virginia just OWNED Virginia's Gun Grabbing Democrats (and their Lobbying Partners) with a simple promise. He gave WE THE PEOPLE of Virginia a legal foundation to stand on while the 2A Sanctuary Tsunami engulfs the state.

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