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Virginia Gun Control: Minorities Speak Out

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Racism is real.

There's no need to argue it. It's real. There are actually people in this world that demean the value of a person based off the color of their skin, rather than their character. It happens, and it happens mostly to people of a darker skin tone. Its a nasty reality but one we all have to come to grips with in order to make change.

As the mainstream media and certain advocacy groups use today's political climate to bring certain issues, like racism to light, I have spent my time sitting back and watching people interact over what's happening. No, I do NOT agree with, or condone the violence within society that's fueled due to racial tensions, but I do see where its coming from. When politicians get push back from We The People when we feel our rights are being mishandled, "BIG GOV" will go in and stir the pot by tossing in dashes of sexism, racism and any other "ism" that takes jabs at certain vulnerabilities of We The People.

Gun Control, not too long ago, the majority of We The People were agreeing, was a racist concept. Racism is literally embedded in the roots of Gun Control.

Yet, lately, as protests, riots and chaos have ensued our nation over racial differences, Gun Control groups and activists have twisted the narrative... yet again... and are making Gun Rights out to be a form of oppression. Back in May of 2020, NewsOne wrote this article, "Black People and Legal Gun Ownership," bashing the NRA for its push of LEGAL gun ownership in black communities, and then turns around and underhandedly bashes them for supporting the Mulford Act of 1967.


Since 1967, many other Gun Rights groups have come into the main arena, protecting ALL Americans (black, white, brown) and their RIGHT to gun ownership. These groups, especially recently, have made the NRA a less valuable player in the fight to preserve gun rights, yet Gun Control orgs and the media keep focus directed AT THE NRA! WHY?

POLITICS... that's why.

Strategic confusion in articles like the NewsOne one above is why paying attention to propaganda shifts are important. It's all politically motivated and this is how certain politicians stay in power... and our anger and lashing out at one another over the topics, is what keeps them there. We don't get "change,” and things stay stagnant, as we continue to fight for our civil right to self protection. Its a never ending story... and we do it to ourselves.

“The use of firearms for self-defense was often the only way black citizens could protect themselves from mob violence.” — Justice Clarence Thomas

Picture from VCDL Lobby Day: January 2020 Richmond, VA

The state of Virginia is a great example. On July 1st, 2020, right before Independence Day celebrations, Virginia lawmakers passed ten new gun control bills. These bills take effect during nationwide pandemonium over racism and COVID-19 issues. Red Flag Laws, 1 Gun A Month, and Universal Background Checks taking the main stage, all while violent rioting is happening in the streets of major northern Virginia cities... and throughout the nation.

So, we had to ask, “How do these gun control laws effect Virginia's minorities?"


Gun Rights Are Women's Rights

During times where violence is at its highest and most random, its even more important for women to look into protecting themselves from potential danger. That's exactly what Northern Virginia mom of four and US Marine Corp Veteran's wife, Antonia Nilson is doing.

Antonia is also a Proud Black American Woman... and she's prepared to protect herself.

Antonia, like most hardworking moms throughout the commonwealth, takes it upon herself to teach her family the importance of situational awareness. She states she has always been a strong proponent for The 2nd Amendment, but with tensions running high throughout the country, she makes sure to carry her firearm daily- for her own protection as well as her family's. Because of the rise in gun ownership among American minority women, Antonia is also working towards becoming a certified firearm's instructor. In her spare time, she is a Virginia Delegate for The DC Project initiative to bring women together for Gun Rights. Her mission isn't to *push* firearms into homes of women and minorities, but more so, to educate them on their 2nd Amendment right to self protection, if they choose to exercise it. The problem is, Virginia's Gun Control Laws limit the abilities for women and minorities, like Antonia, to fully take part in their Civil Rights. Doesn’t help when Gun Grabbing Politicians like Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, keeps pushing more. So, what's Antonia's, a black Virginia woman's, message to Governor Blackface during these "uncertain times" of racial strife?

"Gun Control IS Racist!"

Gun Rights Are Minority Rights

If you had of asked South Asian, Muslim American, Mehar Arsal Chaila of Northern Virginia if he ever thought Gun Control laws were necessary, he would openly tell you yes.

"During the Obama era when I did not know a lot about guns, I believed we should conduct training and mental health tests before allowing someone to purchase a gun. But then, as I got older and more mature, and got more aware of my surroundings, and how things actually work in the real world, I thought that was a stupid idea.

Mehar, a survivor of an attempted robbery in front of his own home, gives credit to his firearm ownership for being the reason he is alive today. A strong believer in the US Constitution, Mehar uses his experience as well as his nationality, to help educate others on the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

"I of course don’t want guns to fall in the hands of the bad people, but the approach the democrats are taking does not punish the bad people with guns, it only targets law abiding citizens who are the best chance of survival in case of a mass shooting."

Because of his experience and the civil unrest in present day America, Mehar takes his Right to own and carry a firearm for personal protection very seriously. He sets aside time to educate and train his family, especially his siblings, on gun safety and determining the course of action if the firearm is ever needed. And like the majority of responsible firearm owners, Mehar takes storage and lockup very seriously as well- keeping them out of the reach of younger family members. He says that having a firearm in the home has helped establish a sense of peace and security in his home and he and his family are very active members of the NRA range near their home- making sure to schedule Family Fun Days, often.

If you ask Mehar what message he'd like to send to Governor Blackface of Virginia, it's one that comes from reflection on his heritage:

(On Firearm Registration) Why we shouldn’t register guns? Please go back to history and learn about the Sikh Genocide in India, which is an example among many you can find. The Indian government required its citizens to register their guns, then when the time came it would use that data to raid the gun owners to confiscate their guns. The right to bear arms is a right given by God and should be left alone."

From the many minority Virginians, and throughout the nation, we here at Mom-At-Arms have had the pleasure of speaking with in regards to their Gun Rights, the common ground they all share is that Gun Control Laws actually set them back in equality. If you look at it compared to the arguments concerning equality vs. when this nation was established, it wasn't that long ago that minorities in America gained the right to vote (1870: 15th Amendment Ratification).

And an even shorter distance in time away, where women were allowed to vote (1920: 19th Amendment Ratification)... so a double whammy if you think about it in regards to Black Women.

No. Its true. Governor Northam's scandalous past, which is full of racist details and links surely doesn't have anything to do with how he leads Virginians today. He wasn't Virginia's governor then, so his acts should be forgiven. (Hell! He wont even talk about it!)

Instead, its Northam's present tyrannical actions and how he and his cohorts manage the Civil Rights of Virginians that makes him the biggest racist in the state. Tyrants want control and control is a form of enslavement. So, considering how minority Virginians like Antonia and Mehar are speaking up, tyrants are pretty racist.

If the mask fits, Ralphie... I guess you need to wear it!


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