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Virginia Senator David Marsden expresses his thoughts on 2A supporters

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This email is floating around (we edited the cell phone number out):

Here‘s Dave:

Dave is a Moms Demand Action “gun sense” candidate:

He has supported them since they formed. From 2013:

“What this country has a problem with is our obsession with guns,” said Senator Dave Marsden. “We are absolutely obsessed with these metal objects.”
Marsden has fought an uphill battle for tighter gun control. Everyone here wants to see the same changes he’s pushing for including: Closing the gun show loophole.

He thinks ”many 2A supporters“ have a “mental illness” (ties into statements above I guess) for standing up for your rights:

Surprise! Take a look:

This senator is a Moms Demand Action shill. He thinks gun owners that fight for the 2A are “mentally ill”. He thinks we, law abiding gun owners, are responsible for the “gun violence“. Such a “non-partisan” and “moderate” stance (according to the VA Senate Democratic Caucus. Their own words).

Take note to his comments, gun owners that vote Democrat (especially if you own one of those scary ”assault“ rifles or have magazines that hold over 10 rounds). If you are vocal about your support for the 2A, you might be considered to have “mental health issues” as


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