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Watts attacks veterans with PTSD, says NRA arms them

Wow. So not only is the NRA responsible for arming someone (they’re not), but Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, is saying/implying that vets treated for PTSD should all be disarmed. Way to label all vets who have PTSD as potentially “dangerous”, Shannon. That’s called generalizing, and it’s false. But what else would we expect from an anti-gun Bloomberg shill that uses an example of firearms saving lives and twists it to attack people that suffer from PTSD and the NRA.

This is similar “coping” from when Shannon was upset that a mass shooting was stopped in a church by a legally armed person in 2019:

Shannon Watts is a disgusting person that uses every opportunity to use a shooting to her advantage. She also will NEVER acknowledge when a tragedy is stopped by a civilian with a gun. Instead, she’ll blame veterans with PTSD (throw them all in the same boat) and also blame policies that helped stop tragedies (like church carry in Texas) and imply that a criminal will actually obey a “no guns” sign or law. Last I checked, it’s illegal everywhere to shoot and kill people in cold blood. But whatever, she needs to use her propaganda skills to “capitalize“ on shootings for political gain. Never forget who this witch really is and why she’s doing it:

Just as companies need money to grow and often bring in outside partners, corporations or venture capitalists, so do nonprofits. Moms Demand Action found one in Michael Bloomberg’s organization. They two came together and formed Everytown. “If you don’t have brand name recognition, it’s harder to raise money,” Watts said. “And Mayor Bloomberg needed an army.”

To be 100% clear where Watts and Everytown stand, their solution is to red flag vets with PTSD:

The dynamics of suicide are complex, involving factors like poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, and mental illness.10 But one thing is clear: Easy access to firearms during a moment of crisis can mean the difference between life and death. Personal or household gun ownership triples the risk of suicide.11 Firearms are a particularly lethal means of self-harm, with a fatality rate of approximately 90 percent. By comparison, 4 percent of people who attempt suicide using other methods die.12 Most people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide.13 Limiting gun access in even one moment can ensure veterans live on as valued and valuable members of American communities.

Now go back up top and read what Watts tweeted again. She doesn’t give a shit about vets w/PTSD and suicide (a very serious and sensitive issue). she just wants them disarmed as a whole.


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